engagehealthy | Health engagement, System change, Mobile innovation
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Changing lifestyles
Changing healthcare

“New product! Introducing Vimi
Smart Mobile Lifestyle Coaching”

Population health engagement
Healthcare system change
Mobile innovation in coaching

What we do

We design and execute effective health engagement and scalable lifestyle coaching strategies for employees and constituent populations. We change coach healthcare systems to a new consumer-centric delivery model. We use smart natural language technology to convert metrics into meaningful engaging conversations – scaled in the millions.

About us

A team of experienced, real world health and wellness change makers, product designers and leadership coaches. We bring fresh new ideas to population health engagement, mobile and AI innovation, consumer centricity and culture change in health care and lifestyle guidance in the U.S.A., Europe, Central America and globally.

Who we partner

Corporate employers and human resource leaders looking for smart solutions to employee health engagement.


Healthcare systems and doctor networks looking for successful adaptation to value based care delivery.


Health enterprises seeking effective population health engagement strategies for their constituencies and patients.


Health data companies looking for scalable AI solutions for converting metrics into meaningful and engaging conversations.

Introducing Vimi
Smart mobile lifestyle coaching

Coaching you every step of the way to better health

Introducing Vimi
Smart mobile lifestyle coaching

Coaching you every step of the way to better health

Breakthrough solutions
for our partners

Health and lifestyle
sustained engagement strategies

We work with both large and small companies to help them design and execute successful engagement strategies whether for their employees, for their customers and clients or for their communities. Our clients include Fortune 10 companies to start ups and market disruptors.

Sustainable behavior
change expertise

We understand how to leverage the latest mobile and wearable technology to get a personalized approach for each employee for their lifestyle guidance and how to create real and sustainable behavior change strategies for large scale populations.

Natural language
generation technology

We are at the forefront of Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology in our partnership with Automated Insights. We design and deploy applications of this game changing technology to turn health and wellness data into sensible engaging conversation for customers, patients, clients and management teams.


We specialize in new digital intelligence, learning and change initiators that get the management teams of companies, health systems and care organizations out of the paradigm of legacy, circular thinking and into exciting new innovative answers to the problems they are facing.

Track record
with our Global partners

We are a highly flexible team of dedicated professionals with a proven track record of working effectively with both large and small organizations including some of the leading health enterprises in the US, Europe and Central America such as Anthem Blue Cross, ISSSTE Federal Government of Mexico Health System, Adeslas Segur Caixa (Spain), Healthstream, Interfaith Medical Center to name a few.

Our lead team

engagehealthy founder Adrian Stewart
Adrian Stewart
President and Founder
europe lead Ana Hernandez Gilfedder
Ana Hernández Gilfedder
Europe Lead

Engage with us

We make positive change happen by our knowledge, our experience and our passion.

Ask our clients.