engagehealthy - Breakthrough wellness & health engagement
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wellness engagement

We design and build fresh new products for employee and population health engagement and wellness – like Vimi: a smart mobile lifestyle coaching product scalable for tens of thousands – personalized for one.

NLG data sense

We are at the forefront of natural language generation “NLG” technology that turns tons of data into meaningful engaging conversations.


We create and execute narratives and strategies to turn enterprise and personal data into conversations that make sense – scalable to tens of thousands even millions of events.

nlg data sense service

Health system
change coaching

We effectively change coach health systems, their leadership and care management teams to achieve higher patient satisfaction scores, improved revenues and greater significance in communities and markets.

Health System Change Coaching-services

Linking clinical outcomes
to the patient experience

We create organizational synergy – pushing from the top and pulling from the bottom.


Our Change Coaching strategy sequences into effective modules taking your team forward one step at a time.

linking clinical outcomes service

Change agents

We break through legacy thinking and historic paradigms to create strategies for a new value based health economy.


We bring fresh approaches that engage populations and enterprises to create sustainable change and move forward to a healthier better outcome.

change agents service

Strategies for
sustained engagement

We work with both large and small companies to help them design and execute successful engagement strategies whether for their employees, for their customers and clients or for their communities.


Our clients include Fortune 10 companies to start ups and market disruptors.

sustained health engagement-services-